Dilemma’s Horns

Thanksgiving is this week, and I am on the horns of a dilemma. Today I planned to make my menu and shopping list and maybe get to the grocery store. At the moment, I’ve thought about the menu, and that is all.

The First Horn:  The outlaws were supposed to come to The Zone for Thanksgiving. They live less than two hours away by car and were supposed to arrive on Thanksgiving Day, after picking up BIL2 and his kids. Last night, I learned that FIL is ill and will probably not be well enough to travel over here. Therefore, it is unlikely that MIL, BIL2, and his Wonderful Children (cousins of once-mentioned Prodigal Children) will join us either. My husband woke me at 6:00 a.m. to discuss the problem. His solution was for us to “bring food over there” and spend the day with family. The outlaws live in a small retirement condo and have only just arrived back in Florida for the winter. FIL’s illness has trapped MIL in the apartment for days. Having 5 adults, 3 large teens, and two large children is entirely too much for her to handle at this time. I suggested that WG go over and see his parents and bring food with him. See, “The Third Horn”.

The Second Horn:  My mother is also scheduled to drive over here for Thanksgiving. She made “elaborate” plans to drive and stay in a hotel because the outlaws were supposed to stay with us. (Trust me, there are no “elaborate” plans, just normal travel planning involving a dramatic woman.) Over much grumbling, Mom made her arrangements and is now looking forward to coming. If I canceled our Thanksgiving in favor of the outlaws, I would NEVER hear the end of this. There are 19+ years of bad blood between my parents and the outlaws; this would inflame the situation. Additionally, I made appointments to show my mother some independent living communities near The Zone. She is 82 years old, has fallen a couple of times in the last year, and is tired of managing her house by herself. It would be much easier for me to help her out if she were close by. So, Mom must come to The Zone.

The Third Horn:  No food in the house, no menu, nothing at all prepared. As soon as I’m done here, I’ll make up the menu, which is largely the same from year to year. I’ll write out the extensive shopping list and plan my day tomorrow. Tomorrow will go something like this: (a) Take Wizard to the DMV to get his Learner’s Permit; (b) Freak out and return home; (c) Take Wild Thing to the pediatrician to get his ADD prescription renewed; (d) Drop off the prescription at the pharmacy and come home; (e) Put ice in cooler and go downtown to pick up turkey; (f) Go to see my new dentist for a first consultation (all afternoon); (g) Go to the grocery store and shop with the rest of the last-minute lunatics; (h) Come home again and start cooking things for Thanksgiving and maybe for tomorrow night’s dinner. On Wednesday, I will cook all day, including the turkey, so I can send food with WG to the outlaws on Thursday. Brace myself for my mother’s arrival and collapse.

This dilemma is a triceratops.


2 thoughts on “Dilemma’s Horns

  1. lol @ the triceratops!

    Poor you. After reading this, I am feeling blessed that M and I are having a quiet Thanksgiving, just the two of us. I was sort of down about the lack of family or friends this year, but that also means the Drama Llama will not be attending. I’m pretty sure the Drama Llama and the Triceratops Dilemma are somehow related.

  2. Oh, I feel better now too! Even though I am nursing a sore throat which feels as if it will surely turn into a cold (grumble) and I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever and have no firm menu plans yet. I will also be shopping with the last minute crowd. At least I do already have the turkey and have the recipe for brining ready to go. Side dishes? Do I need those? 🙂

    I wish you much luck in staring down your triceratops!

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