Wish Lists

I recently asked the boys what they want for Chanukah this year. I should have kept my mouth shut and bought them all new underwear. Apparently, I am doing a horrible job conveying what dire economic times these are because my children have platinum taste (on our stainless steel budget).

Wizard’s list consists exclusively of new lacrosse equipment:  more than $1,000 of new equipment. Is he kidding  me? Does he really think I’m going to blow a grand for this stuff when there’s no guarantee he’s going to make the high school team? And, even if he qualifies athletically, there is serious doubt whether his grades will be high enough to allow him to play. [N.B. Wizard completely tanked his freshman year. His grades were so low that he will have to earn nearly straight A’s in the first two quarters of this year just to bring his cum up to 2.0. First quarter grades were nothing near straight A’s.] I realize Wizard needs new equipment because he’s outgrown his pads and helmet, but I really can’t justify buying him premium equipment. Unfortunately, Wizard only chooses top-of-the-line anything. I wonder where he gets that from? ::sheepish grin::

Wild Thing wants an electric guitar. He will settle for an electric-acoustic guitar. WT has been playing his beginner’s acoustic guitar for 3+ years now. He’s taken good care of it, and he is playing well enough to deserve a new guitar. I was really thinking we would get him a nice guitar for his Bar Mitzvah, in June 2012, but he could really use the instrument now. What do do? When I suggested this purchase to WineGuy, he blanched. “What about the noise?” WG choked. I replied, “I’m considering buying him a guitar, WG. I didn’t say I would buy an amp.” HaHA!

Moose would merely like a new iPod Touch. Moose presently has the equivalent of an iPod Touch because WG gave Moose the old iPhone 3, without the phone service. It’s basically a Touch. Oh, and I just bought Moose new sneakers and basketball shoes, to the tune of $268.00. The kid is 9 and wears a men’s 9 shoe — not cheap.

Me? Well, my birthday is next week. I’ve had my eye on some beautiful jewelry by Ippolita. I’m going to wait. The Breakfast Club is throwing me a birthday lunch today. I’ll see what my present is before indulging myself.

WG? He’ll be lucky if he gets a new pair of pants.

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