The Gift of Music

Some of you may know that NaBloPoMo continues perpetually to influence people to write daily year-round. I never paid much attention to it, other than in November, but when I saw this month’s theme — gift — I knew I’d continue blogging regularly. On to the topic …

Music is both a blessing and a bane for me. So many of my memories are tied to song that a single playlist can string me through a flood of emotions. This morning I had breakfast out, and alone. As I poked my poached egg, “Stardust” came on the radio. I couldn’t touch my food. “Stardust” was my late father’s favorite song, the one whose melody and lyrics transported him to his youth, and the song which always reminds me of my dad. Too choked up to eat, I listened once again to the lyrics, “the memory of love’s refrain”.

Dad must be around me now: he came up in conversation last weekend; his favorite music (1940s swing) has been on the radio; and, my birthday is this week. I wonder what message he brings me now. Where is John Edward when I need him?

When you find yourself with a free moment today, stop and listen to the music. What gift does it bring you?


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