2012 Begins

NaBloPoMo says the theme for blogging this month is “beginnings”. However, as this year begins, I wonder whether blogging is worth the effort if the world is supposed to come to an end exactly one week after my 50th birthday. Do I spend this year checking off items on my bucket list? Do I finally get my rear in gear and commit to a healthy lifestyle, or do I just say “to hell with it” and enjoy another piece of fried chicken?

Sorely lacking the motivation to do much, I did some half-baked research into this whole Mayan end-of-times prediction. The first (and only) website I consulted reassured me that, should I not have a heart attack like DocBro did at 50 (he’s fine), the world will not come to an end in December 2012. The author explains that the seminal date will mark the beginning of a new epoch of time, a new cycle much like the turning of an odometer from 999,999 to 0. In the course of transition from one epoch to another, there will allegedly be lots of meteorological and astronomical phenomena. Fine:  the weather might suck for my 50th or it might be the most glorious day ever. Whatever.

I have the desire to turn over a new leaf. I do every year. What I lack is motivation. I’m not afraid of hard work, I just am feeling entirely lazy about taking care of myself. If even one of you readers comes back at me with “do it for your kids,” I’ll smack you. If you had to live in the fetid hell that is my home, you’d check out tomorrow.

What I need from you is inspiration:  what do you do to get yourself motivated for a task?


3 thoughts on “2012 Begins

  1. Personally, I have to treat myself like a kid and dangle a carrot in front of my face. It can be as simple as ” no trip to In N Out until you’ve had two straight weeks of healthy eating.” I actually stopped having ice cream until I had been able to run for 30 mins without stopping for oxygen! Whatever you withhold from yourself, it has to be something that takes a *little* effort to get to so that it doesn’t tempt you every day (with the ice cream thing, I simply didn’t buy any for awhile). It also can’t be something that would truly impact your sanity if you went without it (which is why I chose ice cream vs beer as my carrot ;-))

  2. Oh, never EVER do it for your kids. Or your spouse. I learned that when I quit smoking. As soon as one of them angers you about something, it will be the perfect excuse to give up whatever it is you’re doing “for the kids/spouse” (because nothing says “up yours” like sticking it to yourself by giving up). As old-hat as it sounds, you really do have to do it for yourself (because nothing says “up yours” like living well and healthfully and being in great shape or whatever it is you want to do). 😉

    I use a variety of motivational methods. The carrot that Christina mentioned works for a while for me. I have a reward list, usually books, that I work towards. I’m going to up the ante by adding pedicures and other pampering type stuff to that list. When the reward idea starts to fade, I leave myself notes all over the place. And when that doesn’t work, I place the filled prescription bottle of a medication I really don’t want to take in a prominent place. It’s very motivating, especially after I researched the side effects.

  3. Glad to hear that the world will not end in December. I was sweating it. Heck now that I know that the world is not going to end… that is motivating!
    Seriously, it is not easy to be motivated. Hanging out with others that are helps!

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