Beginning With Books

Trying to create positive habits for the new year, beginning with blogging daily. First news is that I emailed 2 friends and asked if they would walk with me. One replied “yes” right away and suggested we start tomorrow. Yay! I’ll check back in here when I’m sore and short of breath. 🙂

Another new thing I’m exploring is free downloadable digital media. The local library system offers lots of titles through the Overdrive system. I learned how to use the system a few weeks ago by checking out Jean Kwok’s “Girl In Translation”. Learning the new media was as fascinating as the book itself, which I highly recommend. However, I had to dig way down into my Goodreads “to-read” list to find an available title. I really wanted something higher up on the bestseller list.

Yesterday, being unduly influenced by a book review in the current “Costco Connections” magazine, I requested “A Discovery of Witches,” which was unavailable. Today, the library emailed that the title was available for me! Unfortunately, you cannot download the book from a mobile device. So I hopped on the computer and downloaded the book. Tonight, I will snuggle under the comforter, prop my iPad on my lap, and discover some witches.

I’ll give a shout-out to a daily Facebook feed of free Kindle books. The website is Ereaderlove. She lists freebies for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and others. You can receive an RSS feed or like her Facebook page to get updates that way. Discover something new for yourself.

What new things will you try in the New Year?


3 thoughts on “Beginning With Books

  1. I have the Overdrive app on my iPad, and I’m able to download directly. I really like that I now can choose the Kindle format for books from Overdrive. I don’t know if the service varies depending on the library, but you might check your options.

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