Beginning To See The Light

Just a quick post for consistency’s sake. Wizard’s behavior has been infinitesimally better. WineGuy is being wiser about keeping his distance from Wizard when Wiz is out of control. Wild Thing and Moose seem to be on an even keel, and I feel less pressure. My Zone friends, and especially my bestie, MB Walker, are really looking out for me.

Wizard’s grades are marginally better than last year, although not high enough for him to play lacrosse again this spring. He, personally, wants to have all As now and appears to be working harder. We just learned his PSAT scores from last fall. For him, they were mediocre. He wants to do better on the SATs, so he’s already contacted Sprite to coach him for that.

Small progress. Baby steps. I’m happy to leave January behind. My Vietnamese pedicurist assures me that this Year of the Dragon will be most auspicious for me, a [Year of the] Tiger mama. I’ll take it! Now to find out what the February theme for NaBloPoMo is.


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