Pay It Forward

The currents of my life are swirling out of control right now. I feel unstable all the time and on the verge of tears. I can do little to assuage my husband’s and my grief over Wizard, but the least I can do is be kind to strangers.

I’m hiding out in the bookstore at the moment. I was sitting and reading comfortably in a cushy, sunlit chair when an old man and woman came shuffling along. They wanted to sit down, but all the chairs were taken. The man deposited his wife and her walker in front of me; he went off to find a chair. I couldn’t read another word as I watched the woman slowly ease herself on to the seat of the walker. Her husband came back with a miserable folding chair.

“Here, you take this seat,” I said to him.
“No, that isn’t right,” she replied.
“Yes, I want you to have this chair. I’ll go downstairs to the cafe. Your walker looks just like my late father’s walker, which my mother now uses.”

As I walked away, I heard the lady say “Isn’t that something? She was so nice.”

Maybe if I put that niceness out in the universe, Wizard will absorb it and give it back to us.



One thought on “Pay It Forward

  1. I’m a firm believer that the universe does, indeed, work this way. Sometimes that good energy bounces a few times before it returns, and then hits us from a direction in which we weren’t looking; our best recourse is to keep putting it out there.
    Following from arm’s length, but always within arm’s length–

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