Dear Steak and Shake

Dear Steak and Shake,

We stopped at the local shop for milkshakes after dinner tonight. WineGuy carefully clipped the coupons you gave me the last time I was there. WineGuy, who is meticulous in all things, told us how we had to order, and we each  made our choices.

When I pulled up to the window to pay, you told me that my favorite Chocolate Covered Strawberry milkshake was not on tonight’s specialty list, so I made another choice. When you finally got all the milkshakes made, the clerk couldn’t figure out how to make the coupons work. So, I leaned out of my car, opened the window, and suggested how she should ring up our order. The manager snapped at me and told me he was taking care of it. Really? His idea of “taking care of it” was to overcharge me and then huff about adjusting the price. Not exactly the friendly customer service you wish to portray.

I realize mine was only a $7.00 order, but it’s business all the same. If your food were even edible, we would spend more money at your restaurant. But, your food is deplorable and made me sick the one and only time I ate there. While we’re at it, you need to dispense Slurpee straws (with the spoon on the end) with your shakes. I’m going to suffocate myself trying to suck thick caramel through your small straws.

Lactically yours,



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