Moms Just Wanna Have Fun

What ever happened to fun — spontaneous, unscripted, unscheduled fun? I think we moms lost it in the Machiavellian schedule that is contemporary life. Well, dammit, moms need to have fun, too, and we don’t want to plan it!

Two cases in point: my 50th birthday is in a couple of months, and my husband asked if I wanted a party. And then he tried to rope me into planning it: where, when, who, how. NFW! Call the damn party planner from WT’s Bar Mitzvah. I am NOT planning my own birthday party. In all likelihood, there will not be a party.

Second case, more successful. This afternoon WT and Moose wanted me to come swimming with them. I dragged my feet for a while and then joined them in the pool. I tried to bask in the sun while soaking my feet and reading. That lasted four nanoseconds.

I put the book away and started throwing the football with my boys. What fun! We threw and caught and jumped and splashed and laughed half the afternoon away. I must remember to do this again very soon. I highly recommend you get out there and have some fun today, too.


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