Random Acts of Kindness

As I continue to navigate my way through the world of my husband’s protracted illness, I am struck by small acts of kindness that continue to come our way. I thought I’d share them with you. Now, you go pay it forward.

– At a doctor’s office today, I held open a door for a lady pushing her mother in a wheelchair. For that I received profound thanks and blessings for helping a stranger.

– In a recent email conversation with a friend who is battling breast cancer, she told me to take good care of myself as a caregiver because we are easily burned out. She keeps us in her thoughts and prayers as much as we do her.

– Last weekend in synagogue, I was discussing the likelihood of WG and I having to leave town for 5-8 weeks for medical treatment early next year. Out of the clear blue, an acquaintance offered us her house near NYC and the use of her car. She said, “The house is sitting empty. It’s about 45 minutes from your chosen hospital. It’s yours for as long as you need it.” Wow.

– WG’s staff really misses him and would do anything to help. Yesterday, one of his nurses came over to our house, brought dinner, and brought and administered flu shots to all the boys because our pediatrician ran out.

– Lilo asked me to meet her for breakfast the other morning, but I had to take WG for treatment. When I told her I was free for lunch, she met me right away. She told me that I saved her from drowning in her own misery when she was having so much trouble with her handicapped son. [All I did was call or email her regularly.] Lilo assured me that I am the “glue” that holds our breakfast club and book club together.

– The other day, a dear friend brought over a whole tray of chocolate-covered strawberries for WG because she remembered how much he loved having them at her house last year.

– Today, in the midst of the dreaded annual gyno exam, the doctor extended her prayers and blessings to us as well.

I’ll accept prayers from every corner of the earth. They certainly help. Finally, if you’ve had a kindness shown, pass it one. [That’s my favorite saying.]


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