Real Housewives?

My brain is completely empty today, so I went trolling on Facebook to seek motivation. What kept coming up in my face were pictures of Lilo and her gang — let’s call them the Tony Zonies, shall we? — gallivanting around New York City. I read status updates and check-ins at fabulous spas, salons, and restaurants all around the Big Apple. Yippee … not. Jealous much? Somewhat.

Local Zone housewives are busy driving their kids to and from Sunday School and youth group retreats while trying to pay bills and clean up the desk. Some local Zone housewives are lucky enough to have an occasional lunch out with a friend. Tonight, some of us will attend book club, that monthly bitchfest cum literary discussion that’s cheaper than therapy.

Really, most Zone housewives are not jetting off to NYC or Miami every two months for a girls weekend. As for me, I get one girls weekend away a year: the annual August96 Moms reunion. Believe me, I’m glad for it. It’s just too damn hard to keep up with the fashion, beauty, and workout requirements to be Tony Zonie.


One thought on “Real Housewives?

  1. I’d like to be gallivanting around, too, but now that you put it all in perspective, I feel fortunate that I’m not. Fashion and beauty were never my strengths. 😉

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