Hold the Holidays

Today, we received a care package from SIL-A containing some home baked goodies and t-shirts for the boys. The T-shirts featured Hebrew-looking writing, a turkey, and Thanksgivingukkah. My kids thought the t-shirts were funny and ran off with them. I’m sure the cookies are delicious because SIL-A is a great baker. She’s the mother of The Prodigals; she does everything well.

While the rest of the world is reveling in the rare occurrence of Chanukah coinciding with Thanksgiving, I just despise the intermingling of cultures that way. I don’t want to serve latkes with my turkey. I don’t want to play dreidel with a fall gourd. I want my holidays separated so that I can give appropriate attention to each. (I even tried to add a funny graphic to this post, but I can’t stomach the images.) Obviously, I don’t get what I want this year. Gobble Tov.

Thanksgiving is late this year, but I’m still not ready. Normally, at this time of year, I’m preparing menus, writing grocery lists, planning cooking strategies, and frantically trying to shovel out the guest room to accommodate the outlaws or my mother. No one’s coming for Thanksgiving this year. The outlaws claim that FIL is too debilitated to travel. My mother invited Nephew A and Niece S to spend Turkey Day with her; they don’t want to drive over to The Zone. My best friend, MB Walker, invited us to come spend the holiday with her family over on the East Coast of Florida, but WineGuy is not strong enough to handle the day-trip.

It’s going to be Depressing Thanksgiving in the Testosterone Zone. My kids insists I must make certain traditional favorites like Peanut Soup and Spinach-Artichoke Casserole. I’ll do it, but my heart isn’t in it. Too much going on with WG’s illness. Too many plans to make to go to Boston next month for a consultation. Too many worries about preserving Chanukah traditions for my kids — WG usually makes the latkes during the intervening weekend — when their dad is so weak. I really wish a local friend would invite us over:  with the dozens of offers of “help” I’ve received, not one person has asked what our Thanksgiving plans are. I’m not  begging for an invitation either. Too proud, I guess.

To add insult to injury, one of my neighbors put up his Christmas lights already. Seriously? I still have Halloween candy in my house. HalloThanksHanuChristmas, anyone?


One thought on “Hold the Holidays

  1. In our area the people with Christmas lights up early were usually the ones who paid for a service to come and hang them, and I knew that early November appointments for that were easier to come by. Of course, I always said they didn’t need to turn them ON so quickly! This year though, there are two houses within a block of my that were lit up the freaking day after Halloween!! And, they are clearly NOT professionally done so, what the heck?? Even though I absolutely dive head first into decorating, and I did prepare ahead with some indoor white lights already, I think they outside full display is way over doing it before the turkey has even been purchased!

    Hugs – I hope something turns around to give you some moments of joy.

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