Another Saturday Night

A tough day here in the Zone. We had a new bed delivered, so I needed to clean out the guest room, its closet and dresser. Moose and Wild Thing were big helps, but Wizard once again ruined the day. I lost my cool so badly that I was dizzy for a few minutes. SOB.

At any rate, some dear friends of ours planned to bring WineGuy and me dinner tonight. I fed the boys early and shooed them out of the kitchen. Our friends came over bearing two delicious roasted chickens over sweet onions, fennel, and carrots; rice; broccoli; salad, and a great bottle of Pinot Noir. WineGuy wouldn’t drink anything, but I thoroughly enjoyed a couple glasses of wine.

We had a nice evening catching up with our friends, gossiping, and laughing. I tell you, there is nothing that a good roast chicken won’t fix.


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