PSA : Mammogram

I am the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. I am the friend of breast cancer survivors. I have 2 friends who are currently fighting battles with breast cancer, one for the second time in three years.

To all the female readers out there, go have your annual mammogram. To all the male readers out there, encourage — no, badger — the women you love to have an annual mammogram.

I had mine today. No lie, it was painful because of the way I’m built. It’s done. The radiologist is a friend of mine, so she gave me the report already. Everything is normal … thank G-d.

All the pink ribbons in the world won’t bring back the people we’ve lost to breast cancer, but they might just save one more life.

For Shirley, one of the most wonderful mothers I ever knew. She was like family to me, and after 16 years, I miss her still.

3 thoughts on “PSA : Mammogram

      • We moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It’s a whole new world, and a whole new house that needs a ton of work (but has good bones). I thought we were pretty well settled in Ohio, so this has been a bit of an adjustment (understatement). I miss the kids and grandkids, but live closer to my father and my siblings so it’s nice being able to see them a little more often.

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