One Good Day

Yesterday was the best damn day we’ve had in a long time. That statement alone brought a smile to WineGuy’s face. Four good things happened:

  1. Wild Thing went to the dentist for fillings and came away with two sealants instead.
  2. The surgeon removed the drain that’s been in WineGuy’s leg for months.
  3. My wonderful friend, Maine Mom, sent me an armful of spring roses.Roses
  4. Moose passed the Jeopardy! Kids online test and is invited to the regional audition in Atlanta in May 2014. Like mother, like son:  I auditioned for and appeared on Jeopardy! in 2007 … and won.

5 thoughts on “One Good Day

  1. From the “about me part”, it sounds to me like you just might need a nap. You really have your hands full. I’m little further on in life and this is just to reassure you that things can get better. It is a big relief when the children start to find their way. I pray for your husband’s health. Courage!

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