Opposites Attracted

At both the funeral and the memorial service, Wild Thing gave passionate memorable speeches about his father. One point that resonated in both elegies was that WineGuy was always moving. It’s true:  WG would work a whole week, and I would tend to the kids. He’d want to spend the weekend running around exploring everything, and all I’d want to do was collapse. Most of the time, we went on adventures because they made us all happy in the long run.

WG’s gone now, and I’m mastering the art of wallowing. It’s kind of embarrassing, really, because I have a thousand things to do or at least a hundred thank you notes to write. What have I accomplished today? Nothing other than sleeping late and surfing the Internet for a possible escape from hollow reality vacation. I will have to put a stop to this idleness. Tomorrow.


One thought on “Opposites Attracted

  1. I am thinking of you often. Please give yourself permission, time, and space to grieve. I know the day to day “musts” have to be overwhelming, but it is okay to take time to wallow, time to spend just being for now.

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