Circle The Wagons

Just a quick post before bed. Today was not a good day for any of us. Wild Thing came to me first thing, carrying WineGuy’s lab coat which has languished in the trunk of his car for 18 months. In the lab coat I found WG’s hospital badge, some patient notes, and the stethoscope I bought him right after we moved to The Zone. This find upset Wild Thing and me; every song we heard today made us sad. 

I spent the day driving back and forth across the area because Wizard had an orthodontist appt and needed to go back to university for an afternoon class. Wizard was desperate for a few minutes at home and begged me to come back and bring him home for the weekend. Thank goodness his college is only 25 minutes away. 

Wild Thing, Moose and I went to see “Spy” tonight. The action, dialogue, jokes, and exotic locales were just what we needed to take our minds off of everything. 

I’m tired from driving over 120 miles today, but I’m content with all my boys under one roof. We will go to Sabbath services at our synagogue tomorrow and say the Mourner’s Kaddish for WineGuy. We’ve circled our wagons and are looking out for each other this weekend. Perhaps this is the beginning of “the new normal”.


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